Who is Kate?

Hello and welcome. Please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Kate.

What you must know firstly is that this is my first foray into the world of the blog. All the helpful videos provided by the kind people of WordPress have been viewed and digested and now my toe is reaching out to test the water.

Mistakes will be made, of that there is no doubt. However, behind mistakes is where the joy of life resides or so they say. Bring forth the mistakes and I will deal with each in turn.

According to a few sample blogs I have seen it remains now for an introduction to myself to be written, and here it is.

My name is Kate which you already know. I am a woman of a certain age, perhaps not as old as my writing suggests, though no longer a budding flower.

As the formality of my writing might suggest, I was educated, well, formally, though not extensively and certainly not past secondary school.

I was married young to a man whose sensibilities matched very closely those of my parents. Plainly put my parents and then my husband believed in piety, a strong work ethic, and old-fashioned values of home and hearth. My husband did not permit me to work at a job outside the home and so my day was spent attending to our household. I read all of the books in our modest library at home as a substitute for friends which I was not permitted to have. All of our friends were my husband’s friends. Wives were rarely brought to gatherings so I learned to make do with my own company until my husband came home.

This could become interminable so I will simplify how I came to be here, now.

One year and a half ago, almost to the day, my husband arrived home one day with divorce papers to sign. He announced that he had found someone younger and more interesting. I would retain the house and furnishings along with support payments. He showed me where to sign, I signed, and within a short time it was finished. He was free and I was cast adrift, suddenly alone into a life and a world I barely knew.

Bewilderment was followed swiftly by a profound depression. What do you do when your life has been keeping house, grocery shopping and very little else? I called our family doctor to discuss matters and I was prescribed pills and referred to a psychologist for treatment.

It took some time but I emerged better for the treatment and looking forward, tentatively, to beginning a new life.

My nature is that of a quiet soul though one struggling to break free of that which I have lived for so long. You may join me as or indeed if, the butterfly emerges from the chrysalis an adventuress.

Well, that is Kate in a nutshell. Please feel free to read and indeed, to respond, if you feel so moved. It will be a delight to read whatever you may say.





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