Taking care of my ill friend

Oh dear, Audrey has been ill for a week. Don’t worry too much, it’s not serious, only a cold but it does fell a person, even one as normally healthy as Audrey.

Our little circle has banded together to look after her. Despite Audrey’s protests we have taken turns to visit her and to bring food and drink, and to administer medicine at the proper intervals. When a woman who is never ill becomes so it is an absolute nightmare to convince her that it is no sin to be taken care of.

The only time I could get her to stay still was when I was rubbing Vicks on her chest. It did me no harm either. (For those who may no know, Vicks is Vicks Vapour Rub, a popular mentholated chest rub. There’s always been something comforting about it even when I was a small child.)

I was concerned for a bit when she had a fever. When that broke after a few hours all was fine again or at least not worrying.

Audrey fights these things well so she’s near the end of it. I even stayed the night last night for the first time in a while, as something more than a nursemaid, cuddles mostly and yes, a little more if you must know. She seemed fighting fit up to the point of her dozing off around eleven. I was too wound up to sleep so I read a few chapters of my book. Reading often helps the overwrought.

Another night or two then I’m back to my own place. It’s really beginning to feel like home now, my very own home, and I adore every corner of it. Audrey might pop over to stay on Sunday night if she’s feeling on top of things again.

We’ve even been looking for a film to see on Saturday with our friends. Audrey’s partial to Les Miserables but I feel like the adventure of the Life of Pi. No matter, what we don’t see on Saturday we can see together, just the two of us, during the week, if it’s still showing.

Do you know I am feeling much more comfortable with Audrey and our ‘situation’ the more time passes. I have no idea how we would broach the subject with our friends should our dalliance ever blossom into a ‘relationship’. In such an eventuality neither I nor Audrey, I am certain, would wish to hide it. One or two we could lose, another might waver, and there are a few who would accept it. Let’s not put the cart before the horse however, for this moment we are enjoying what we have.

Now, Audrey’s messing about with tidying some magazines or other so I’m off home to look after a little light dusting and a hoover. You leave a place for a day or two and it’s as if there’s been a dust storm through the house. Really, where does it all come from I ask you.

Anyway, no doubt you’ve no interest in my domestic duties so I’ll be off.

Until next we meet,