A new sort of freedom

It is so inspiring to hear and to read how others have faced difficulties in their lives.

As an adult living in the world, even one as isolated as I had been, one knows that nothing you experience is gone through by you alone. So many others are going through similar things each day. And still, it is such an easy thing to suffer in seclusion.

Until recently I did not know that communities of such wonderful people existed as exist in blogs and naturism and the homosexual community. Had I stopped to think about it at all I would have thought that such groups would have been exclusive of one another, not mixing except in the rarest of confluences.

As I was raised, being naked except for the purpose of bathing or changing clothes, was a perversion. Going naked was something only very strange people on the fringes of society, in pagan cults, would do. What a delight to find that those who live in the simple beauty of nakedness are the same as any other people, perhaps with an extra glimmer of enlightenment.

The topic of homosexuality was never raised within my family nor with my ex-husband. Only in literature did I glimpse one gender’s attraction to another of the same gender. In the sort of literature I read however, such attraction was romanticised to the point of being hidden beneath all the fairy dust and flowery prose. It was not presented as something that could actually happen.

If my ex-husband was watching the news and an item reported anything about homosexuals, he would rail against it as ‘those filthy perverts’ airing dirty laundry in public, as if such behaviour were the stuff of animals and not humans. I would quietly agree, not really having an opinion of my own.

How different one’s life can be in the shortest span of time.

Now that I exist within the blogging, the naturism, and the homosexual communities, albeit on the outer fringes, I appreciate the support and more than that, the friendliness of the wonderful people I have found and who have found me.

I am not one to join clubs or organisations and despite that I have been accepted.

Thank you so very much. All of you who have written or just silently read, you have touched my heart.

Until next we meet,



7 thoughts on “A new sort of freedom

  1. You’re so welcome! I’m glad to have found you here and be able to share my thoughts with you. 🙂
    You know, back in Greek and early Roman times, the term Homosexuality didnt even exist. Nobody cared about sexual preferences. Same sex relationships were common and accepted. Its weird how things change..

    • Perhaps with marriage now being allowed in some countries for homosexual people it may not be too long before we get back to those days you mention. Something that once seemed abhorrent to me is now something I do and enjoy so very much. I shall pray we see such freedom for everyone soon.

  2. Marriage equality will slowly come to pass.. Whether or not it will be a global change, and if it would happen in our life time, it’s soon to tell but there is a reversal of cultural attitudes and beliefs happening. The pace at which homosexual relationships will gain acceptance will depend on the prevailing socio-cultural and religious conditions in every country.

    • Perhaps it has always been that way. Not every culture sees things the same way. For everyone to be equal is a dream I suppose but a dream worth dreaming. It is good to see some changes now and who can say, maybe marriage isn’t necessary anyway.

      • Well, marriage has changed so much over the years. It’s just a social construct that was created to legitimize a partnership in a community and have their stamp of approval to go on and raise children. Then religion came into the picture and added irrational complexities into it. I, personally, have lost faith in that institution and dont believe in it anymore. The way I see it, nothing changes between a couple after the ceremony. It’s just a legal thing. There’s the dreamy, fairy-tale cinderella romance elements we are all taught to believe in as children but it’s a subjective reality. The only thing that matters is being with the one you love. If that love, trust and respect exits only if marriage is involved, then that relationship is based on obligation. It’s conditional, undeserving and without meaning.

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