Things are moving along

“Be here, be now, be present” is something written in a blog, from the Buddhist tradition, and I must say, as wise as it is possible to be it seems to me.

Since last writing here, too long but there you have it, it can’t be fixed, I have been back in my beautiful house for about a week.

Waking each morning to delightful colours is surely one of life’s warmest things to happen to a body.

My Monet house as friends have begun to call it has become quite the hub for our social activities. It’s all I can do to clear them all out so often. Still, who can blame them. It is so very lovely, in spite of or perhaps because of, the cold.

Having spent several evenings sleeping in my new and spacious bed alone I was set to thinking. Do you know what? Life is far too short to be concerned about things that may not ever happen so in the Buddhist tradition, I invited Audrey over on the third night and she has been staying on and off since then.

Who can say what life may bring to anyone? Audrey is a dear friend. We enjoy each others’ company so well that it would be pointless to deny ourselves whatever pleasures may arise. How modern I’ve become in so short a time don’t you think?

We have no idea where this may lead and our other friends are unaware of our ‘arrangement’ and furthermore, we have no intention of telling them. There is something of the naughty and covert about it. Isn’t it thrilling?

Now, I promised last time I would write less so, for the moment, we have arrived at the end of this ‘post’ (how high tech and with it I am all of a sudden). šŸ™‚

Until next we meet,



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