Haven’t I been naughty? In unexpected ways, yes

First of all I really must say how dreadfully sorry I am to have been away for this long. I suppose it doesn’t matter when nobody reads this anyway but still, it must be said.

Christmas came and went with my house being at the tantalising end of near-readiness, but not quite. The renovators had gotten almost to the point of my being able to once again move back in until a series of mishaps stalled them in their tracks. Firstly, the main painter, the boss I suppose you would call him, became ill. His assistant battled on bravely but got the wrong paint and, being that time of the year, he was unable to be supplied the correct one in time. So, the work stopped for a week or so and everything finally smoothed out once the new year arrived. The new date for completion is the fifteenth of this month. Just a short, few days to go. Hurray!

Now, to a matter of some delicacy. I seem to recall that when I embarked on this blog enterprise it would be with one clear purpose, to be brutally honest, no matter what. Well, if I didn’t, that was my intention.

Oh dear, how to broach this? Let me see. Well, a faint heart never won a fair maiden as they say. The aptness of that phrase will be apparent very shortly. On with it.

If you have been following this rather staccato attempt at keeping a journal, you will know certain things. If you haven’t it may be of some benefit to go back and ‘get up to speed’ as the phrase has it, I believe.

You will know that my husband traipsed off with a woman of more tender years than myself some time ago. You will know that I have been having my house ‘made over’ as they say. And you will know that I have been staying with my dear friend, Audrey, for the duration of the house renovation and that she revealed herself to be a ‘naturist’ while at home. That is, she goes about her house naked, to my great surprise at the time.

What you will not know is that, having vowed to take no part in Audrey’s shameless, nude, household, cavorting, I found myself irresistibly drawn to join in. It took a week or two but, little by little, that tiny corner of my mind that gloried in rebellion, was given flight. And a glorious flight it was.

Once my clothes were shed and Audrey, for whose reaction I shall be forever grateful, gave me the once-over and an approving nod, I relaxed as I have never relaxed before. The towel was still draped upon chairs and the sofa or wherever I sat. Some niceties must be observed.

Like children on a holiday by a lake we dropped the last vestiges of prudish behaviour and simply enjoyed ourselves in our new freedom, well new for me anyway.

How I came to become, shall we say, intimate, with Audrey, is another lengthy story and not one for this moment. Suffice to say there was wine, a cold evening in a warm room and a quietness that gave way to the unbridling of a passion I had thought long drowned. As you can imagine, our relationship has changed somewhat. That for next time.

Happy New Year,

Until next we meet,



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