Towel Dream Solved

Friends, the riddle of the towels is solved, at least I think it is.

The solution came to me when I woke this morning. It’s been a sort of niggle that wouldn’t let be be and perhaps the sleep let my mind do some work on its own. It is very simply, Audrey’s nakedness.

Let me explain. As you know Audrey, my friend with whom I’m staying at present, goes about her house unclothed. It has ceased to bother me but as we share the furniture, specifically the sofas and kitchen chairs, it’s been making me the teensiest bit squeamish as you might understand. My inelegant solution has been to lay a towel down whenever and wherever I sit in the house. Audrey bridled at first, now she just giggles.

I suppose my mind found sitting on a seat where a naked person has been more disturbing than I’d known, at least in wakefulness, and it found a way to tell me.

You may be curious as to whether I shall be following suit and joining Audrey in her nudist ways. No I shall not. Call me a prude if you wish. I may be a hung up middle-aged, middle-class, repressed woman but a large part of me sees Audrey’s behaviour as something more appropriate to some sort of hippie not for a woman of a certain age.

Alright some part of me does wish to cavort like a loon on the solstice and cry freedom but bless me I was not raised that way. If in a year or a month from now these words come back to ridicule me as one of limited vision, I shall admit to naivety and carry on. I just cannot see it that’s all.

There remain only a few days before the painting of my home begins. I’ve selected colours and given instructions for where to apply what. Beyond that I have very little do with it. For someone who has always been busy albeit unhappily much of the time I am so quickly running out of things to do. The aroma of eggs frying is drifting about the house; I’ll talk to Audrey about what to do to stave off these dreadful doldrums in which I have found myself becalmed.

Must remember my towel. Stop laughing.

Until next we meet,



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